Stress management has the following benefits:

  • A healthy outlet for negative emotions and promotion of a positive mood
  • Reduction of adrenal hormones produced by stress
  • Production of endorphins helping to relieve pain and elevate mood
  • Reduction of excess adrenaline
  • Reduction of muscle tension
  • Optimal body function to promote restful sleep
  • Resting nerve cells (that cause worry) so that these can be renewed.

Improved power to focus and think

Exercise improves the blood flow to the brain which reduces toxic waste products in the brain that cause foggy thinking; also the increased oxygen to the brain brings additional surges of oxygen to the brain that may be needed when you are thinking intensely i.e. the best ideas can come when you are exercising! Exercise also improves self esteem and self efficacy.

Techniques used:

  • Neuro-linguistic-programming
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Structured exercise to reduce risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce levels of fat
  • Personal development and goal setting

Laboratory Testing of Stress Hormones

Most of us live our lives with our foot to the floor. Chronic stress, be it physical, mental or emotional can affect adrenal gland function. Adrenal gland dysfunction can lead to may health issues such as hormone dysfunction, hypothyroidism, weight management issues, immune system dysfunction,anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.

A simple, inexpensive saliva test can measure diurnal levels of cortisol (our stress hormone) and DHEA (the precursor to many sex hormones) and give an indication of the function of our adrenal glands. Read more....