Getting older can cause a dramatic decline in your body's ability to function well. This is due to a loss of muscle mass, perhaps weight gain, reduced heart fitness/blood vessel health and oftentimes disease. This may cause a loss of independence and a feeling of vulnerability. 

Exercise and diet can modify the effects of aging and lead to an improvement in function and quality of life. Exercise guidelines for senior’s fitness are as follows: 


  • Seniors should train 3-5 days per week with strength training on 2-3 of those days at a low intensity .
  • Depending on your capabilities and in collaboration with your GP and primary healthcare team, your programme may begin with flexibility and strength training and then move on to aerobic and balance exercise.

I can help you develop a programme that will be:

Safe - After gaining a full medical history, performing a functional assessment, we can work together to set goals to help improve your health, fitness and functioning.

Providing health and dietary education –A personalised diet and health education may help to improve your overall health and quality of life.

Help improve your confidence with acivities of daily living-Based on your goals/needs, I will provide a combination of aerobic, strength training, stretching and balance training exercises to give you a 'rounded' fitness. If you are very weak, I can help you improve your walking, rising from the chair, stair climbing, balance issues, strength and any other specific needs you may have.



I am an 83 year old man who originally came to see Lisa Sayers with knee pain and balance problems – I also had a hernia operation and my GP said that almost certainly I would have to have another.

Since working with Lisa the improvement in my muscle tone has improved the knee pain, hugely improved my balance and banished the need for a further hernia operation. A brief attack of sciatica was quickly corrected by targeted exercise within two weeks. I highly recommend her.